Flexibility is king. MaRik, London 2014

Flexibility is king. MaRik, London 2014

Τον περιβάλλαμε με στοργή, αλλά βγήκε σκάρτος

Failure does not exist. If you eliminate failure from all aspects of your life whatever remains is simply: routes of exploration. The challenge is hidden to all small or big actions to overcome.  

Cheers! you beautiful Greek princess : Psyche
MaRik, London 2014
The passion that holds us in hell it won’t save us but I hope at least to refine us.
MaRik, London, 2014
Realism kills the innocent consciousness
MaRik, London 2014 
Stop believing my love stories, deep down I am a cynical bastard who lies.
maRik, London 2014

From the collection ” freaking brilliant” MaRik, London 2014.

From the collection ” Freaking Brilliant” by MaRik, London 2014.